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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
Third I thought I was asking this question on a site that deals with making MPG, making changes that make MPG.
Hey, welcome to Ecomodder! We do make changes to improve MPG. If you search and read a bit, you will find that HHO has been thoroughly debunked, increased tire pressure has been shown to greatly improve MPG, and the biggest MPG mod you can make is driving something a little smaller (EDIT: Diesel Dave, you stay out of this!). Is there any possibility of trading in the land yacht for something else?

Anyway there's no magic bullet here, just lots of scattershot: small changes which add up to a bigger improvement.

I understand you are frustrated, but nobody here is going to say "just add a hydrogen generator and get 83,734% better fuel economy." If you spend some time getting familiar with the hypermiling tips and use those which are most applicable, you might find that they improve your mileage quite a lot--and mid-30s in something that big is already pretty impressive.

Final note: My old Ford used to stay high-revved in neutral at speed. It's a Ford thing.

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