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Thanks but I am not a newbe..been around on and off for a few years.

I have been testing a few of the MPG devices..and did some 14 cars with HHO and got two really insane improvements...

But over all these seem to be flukes.

So at this time I know I cannot do ANY thing with German made computers, and it looks like nearly nothing with USA made ECUs but am starting to think Japan made ECUs are open to changes.

As for can it be done?? Read this:

50+ MPG Cars Prohibited in the U.S. and Canada | 2012 The Big Picture

Mind blowing...

A few years ago Top Gear from England did a driving challenge where the three hosts were sent into Europe to buy three cars and then drive them 740 miles on ONE TANK OF GAS!!!

Two of the cars were enco models rated at (Really) 75 MPG and 56 MPG and one Jag was rated at 35MPG. I believe all three were diesels.

Any way all three MADE the trip without running out of gas!!!

I also know that 1980s Camaros with tuneport injection with a Easter egg in the ECU turned on were able to get 35 MPG...(the Easter egg was a special lean burn cruse setting...) I bet with a few tricks like higher gearing and some super tuning they might even get 40MPG...

So I know it can be done, what I am hoping that it can be reto fitted to other cars.

I was hoping people on this site had done more...


Originally Posted by Flakbadger View Post
Hey, welcome to Ecomodder! We do make changes to improve MPG. If you search and read a bit, you will find that HHO has been thoroughly debunked, increased tire pressure has been shown to greatly improve MPG, and the biggest MPG mod you can make is driving something a little smaller (EDIT: Diesel Dave, you stay out of this!). Is there any possibility of trading in the land yacht for something else?

Anyway there's no magic bullet here, just lots of scattershot: small changes which add up to a bigger improvement.

I understand you are frustrated, but nobody here is going to say "just add a hydrogen generator and get 83,734% better fuel economy." If you spend some time getting familiar with the hypermiling tips and use those which are most applicable, you might find that they improve your mileage quite a lot--and mid-30s in something that big is already pretty impressive.

Final note: My old Ford used to stay high-revved in neutral at speed. It's a Ford thing.