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Originally Posted by racprops View Post
If you read the answers I received you might understand my slight lean toward less than happy..responses.

Thanks for the link BUT it is for a pre-OBII car and a import and already a enco car as well...

So I guess there is no help here...

Tell you what I will be looking into gas vapor next and if I get a working system I come back and tell you guys about it.

Projection is 100 to 200 MPG.

I don't know of any 400+ horsepower cars that also get that kind of fuel economy. I am guessing enco means economy- not being snide, a genuine guess, I haven't heard that term before, but Talons have never seemed like they are real gas savers (probably the same thing people say about the Mustang lol). Because alternate mods like that have such mixed results, it usually ends up in the Unicorn Stall until the performance is proven in multiple scenarios and different vehicles.

And I get your response about tone, but fighting fire with fire just burns everyone. At least if we fake a smile, , and act polite, it makes the person still being hostile be the person at fault. Please document your findings and methods in detail, because if you get it to work wicked well, we will be interested

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