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In my research I met and worked with Ron for a couple of weeks.

I can state that in my opinion it is total BS.

I had him do one on my 4.3 Ford, and saw that it did give a feeling of a greater take off, BUT it did so by opening the throttle faster and it also cause a larger use of gas, my FI duty cycle meters give it away, with the grove they read higher for the same TP Readout than stock.

I when to a junk yard and bought a few throttle bodies and tried a few combos…I also took these to a dyno and we ran 4 of my mods and NONE gave me ANY Improvement.

I also help Ron install his grove on my 93 Van, my 91 Toyota, and the owner of the Dyno on his late model Dodge Truck which was the only car we saw any HP improvement and we believed it was because it was a Hemi.(we got 5 HP) He then took a trip over 500 miles and saw no MPG improvement nor did I on all three of my cars.

We even got a guy with a 327 Chevy to do it on his Quad,(Ron kept sawing the computers were missing things up…) and dynoed it and LOST HP.

I have debunked this when every I find it.

My 2 cents.

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