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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
76.2 mpg on a 127 mile round trip into the foothills and back. Lots of climbing headed east, and then lots of headwind coming back west. Car is running well, except for annoying oil leak (I think from oil pan gasket).
Yes, good job!

As for annoying oil leak - if you didn't recently change the distributor o-ring where it slips over the cam shaft, that could be the source of your leak. I diagnosed mine by looking at the top surface of the tranny which sits below the distributor. Of course from there it runs downward and ends up on the oil pan, leading you to suspect the oil pan gasket.

If you do see oil slime on top of the transmission housing, pull off the dizzy and put in a new 0-ring. Get it from a Honda dealer for just a few dollars. The parts stores I tried all wanted to see the ring so they could match the dimensions - they could not look up a part number for it. Honda of course knew exactly what I needed.
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