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100 MPG here I come
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BetsyBio - '89 Toyota Pickup Base Model

BetsyBio - '89 Toyota Pickup Base Model
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Thank you all for welcoming me on board SVOboy directed me here from stumble Upon

SVO; It def would be nice to be able to bike or walk to work a dream of mine for a while. as I commute 60 miles each day.

TomO; I have been reading A lot of the do it yourself mods lately and there are some great ones on here and I plan to post some in the future

MetroMPG; Man you are living the dream I wish I could have that many EV's I have been reading the forkenswift article (yes all 12 pages or so) and it is very interesting I have always wanted to know what it would take to make an EV from scratch.

I like the first link I gave because its not your run of the mill EV's maybe they are high in price but come on a porche as an ev thats just awesome and plus the have a diesel hybrid system something I am looking into doing personally in my truck BetsyBio

One last question is there a particular place on the site to write an about me or should i just pick a place that is specific to what i am doing with my truck?
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