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I was actually thinking of getting a Lifan 50cc engines, there a clone of the old Honda cub motors, with a built in transmission , they even have one model available with reverse and electric start.. there only about $250 and that would make a sweet power plant for a micro car. Full gears automatic clutch on them and reverse , a real 12v charging system and electric start.

With 50cc having gears is pretty important..

Now you could do a bicycle gearing system and have gears etc.. but the reverse and electric system and start would be rather complex to rig up , a ready made power plant like these small honda clones would make it far easier.

With a 30mph cruising speed a radio might be nice to have as my commute would be alot longer at 30 than 55.. not to mention headlights and brake lights and signal for saftly to truly make it a micro car , instead of a go kart

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