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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Bad gas likely works fine in a diesel so long as its blended. Army used to mix diesel oil and gasoline and call it mo-gas.

In a gasser I would mix in a little e85 and call it good.
It'll actually burn fine in older IDI type diesels and certain DI diesels without being blended. I've run my VW IDI on raw gas before... only thing is, it ain't gonna start again if you shut it off, because the pump can't build enough pressure to pop off the injectors with the thinner fuel while trying to start [low RPM].

I prefer to blend it because we already run used oil in the diesel engines [truck, 6.5kw generator, backhoe] and some of the engines aren't fond of the viscosity of the used oil, but still run on it, albeit slightly more smokey than they would be with #2. It's the equivalent of running 'bunker fuel' when you use untreated lube oils, so slightly more smoke is to be expected. I'm still working on getting the parts I need to build a centrifuge to clean the oil better before running it, which should cut down on the smoke some as well.

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