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Originally Posted by SEBART PL View Post
My question is to the designers of power board can I put capacitor and resistor between M- and B- to lower fall down current to protect mosfets from induction and voltage spikes?

or is any software parametr whcih could drop current softly when throttle is rapidly depress ? I am not so sure what is for this responsible ki, kp or crr .
There isn't a software parameter that affects inductive voltage spikes.

You could:
- increase the gate resistor value; the mosfets will run hotter though
- put the diode, mosfet, and capacitor really close together in you power board layout
- add some sort of snubber, like an RC snubber as you mention - this will reduce efficiency somewhat

speaking of capacitors, I don't see any in your picture... are they just hidden in the picture?
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