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I had two you know your an ecomodder moments today

First was on the way to work (5:15 am) a board State cop pulls me over (first time ever) and asks what kind of car mine is as she "could not tell if the car matched the plate". Sounds to me like she (and partner) were board on their way back to the post (it was a mile from the post) and decided to see what my car was about. I think she described a great EM'ed car without knowing it!

She could not believe that my car was over 60 MPG till I pointed to my SG and showed the tank average She asked if it was legal and I said as far as I know. She then gives me back my info and said she hoped I would not be late for work. Then as I pulled of she did a u turn and headed back to the post.

The second one of the day was on my way home I turn on to my road (a mile or so from my house and see a bunch of people on the side of the road with parade floats, I had to wait for on coming traffic so I asked where the parade was forming up to go, and I get asked where in the parade I was ! I had to tell the high school age gal that I was not in their parade and she was like cool car

Good bookends to a Friday work commute's
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