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Scangauge II vs cruise control

I bought a ScanGauge II a few weeks ago and love it. It has improved my hypermiling. Yesterday I had a Rostra cruise control installed in my 2000 Honda Civic VP (DX value package). (Yeah I know that I can probably beat the cruise control by manually operating the throttle, but we do a lot of long driving trips) Anyway, the cruise control seemed to be working fine, but then would just spontaneously disengage. It would work for 5 minutes, then shut off, then I would reset it, and it might work for another minute or two, then just shut off. I took my car back to shop, and the guy swapped out the unit, the control, resoldered everything. He took it for a test drive, and it still did it. He thought it might be the Scangauge II. I drove the car home with the ScanGauge unplugged, and never had a problem. The cruise control is contected to the VSS. Is it possible for the Scangauge to be interfering the cruise control? The cruise control will disengage if the RPM's spike. Is it possible the SGII is somehow making the cruise control think the RPMs have jumped? Is there some way to stop this from happening? I love the data I get from the SGII, but would like to use the CC for long trips. It would be nice the see the SGII at the same time.

I emailed the guys at Linear Logic, and am waiting to hear back.



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