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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
its also safer and much more expensive (for reasons I can't explain)
I originally asked the question just because it was a random thought, but after everybody's answers and some research, I really like the idea of using PG, because of it's non-hazardous properties; to me it's that much more eco-friendly you're making your vehicle by using it. I would definitely look into finding this at a decent price if/when I ever flush the radiator (another maintenance project, another day).

I looked on Amazon for PG without any filters and it is really amazing how many different products it is used for. I think one of the reasons why it is so expensive is that it is used in cosmetics. Cosmetics is a VERY large industry and just like clothes or hand bags or any other female-buying dominated industry, prices go up. (That's not a knock on anybody or anything, just a business axiom.) What needs to happen, and I have no idea how to do this, is they need some sort of "de-natured" PG, like they did with de-natured alcohol to avoid alcohol taxes (and having people drink it).
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