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Thanks soD, I've actually read those articles before, but they were good refreshers. I didn't realize (I guess I missed that part of the article) the TC is for this purpose. I thought it was for the multiplication of the torque when the engine and transmission speeds are different. Good to know that there are multiple reasons for the TC.

Instead of using a TC, could one use a "smart" clutch hooked into the brake pedal. It wouldn't latch when the car is at speed and the brakes are applied, but if the wheels are stopped (or really close to), then the clutch is applied and the break in the system happens. Or maybe you wouldn't need any of that. Anytime the brake is applied, it would detach the engine/transmission and as soon as you let off the brake (before you press the gas again), the clutch would re-engage the system.

How does a CVT provide a separation between wheels and engine? I've read they do not have a TC like autos, but that they do have a 'clutch pack'.
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