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ScanGauge: How much calibration required on each tank?

I've been using my ScanGauge for a couple months now. After the initial calibration it has proved to be pretty accurate. My main complaint is the deviation from one tank to the next. It can be a pretty large difference. For example, one tank says I got 52 MPG but the gas pump says it was 48. I follow the procedure in the manual and offset the fuel usage to "calibrate" the ScanGauge. The next tank it might indicate 46 MPG, but according to the pump I got 50. According to the manual I should calibrate it every fill, so thats what I have been doing.

So I am just curious if this is common, and do you guys just deal with it? I've been thinking about just leaving the tank-to-tank calibration alone. Obviously making minor adjustments doesn't help the accuracy. It frustrates me because I think I'm getting 50 MPG but its only 46 or something. Maybe I should just leave it alone and not worry about it?

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