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Sorry, but the 2013 EPA MPG listings show that most FFV vehicles achieve only 0.65-0.75 the MPG value on E85 that they do on gasoline.

And, while obviously NOT "real world," the EPA numbers are VERY consistent in their testing methodologies...something that drivers are not.

Also, HP efficiency is totally different than FE efficiency...go back and re-read my original statement:

"Sorry, but my data indicates that "Flex" engines not incorporating turbochargers (to yield variable-compression ratio operation) have been LESS efficient...only those engines capable of operating at higher CR can effectively "use" the higher octane value of E85 and so advance timing to produce more HP...but NOT better fuel economy, ie more distance per gallon."

...where " data..." refers to EPA published numbers, NOT anecdotal numbers.

Finally, just for final clarity: I am referring only to spark-ignition gasoline engines running E0 through E85 fuels, with the assumption that E85 operation was "designed into" the engine mapping to make it a "Flexible Fuel Vehicle" (FFV) certified to have a yellow-fuel cap. Your comment about E85 being usable in diesel (CI) engines is where I responded about injector problems occuring IN DIESELS because of solvent action of E85...I said nothing about SI engines.

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