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On board 12v Charging

Hi Guy's
My conversion to electric is about done, but here in the Uk I have a problem.
How do I charge the 12v system battery from the 144v DC batteries.

I tried a converted PC power supply but that can only output about 12.5v on a good day, my power steering pump takes about 10amps so the system 12v battery does not hold up very long.

When connected to the grid I use a switch mode 15.5v 10amp PSU (From China) but unfortunately it wont run on DC so I can not use that.

How do you guy's do it, is there a 150v DC to 12v/15v DC psu or charger out there.
Are there any chargers in the states that will run off 110/150v DC and charge at about 10 amps??

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