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100 MPG here I come
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BetsyBio - '89 Toyota Pickup Base Model

BetsyBio - '89 Toyota Pickup Base Model
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Its all good SVO second times a charm with postings pics I knew I should have hit the preview button before posting Doughhh..LOL

Metro: yeah she's definatley going to run on Bio-diesel / Hydrogen / Electric and with a little sunshine thrown in the mix. (So I have Big plans for her) Thanks for the links I am working on my garage entry rite now.

And I look forward to posting some pics in the future as I finish more things

Oh yeah and thanks on the fine looking vehicle comment

(Those rims made her pretty but they did not help in the gas mileage category I put them on for shows, I have to put light weight rims on when I am doing any gas mileage testing)
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