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Originally Posted by DOFZO View Post
Thanks for the education, but I did really read the OP's post.

You didn't read or answer either one of my questions. If it weren't for owning a federal 92 Vx now, I would still be looking for the answers. Thankfully I am not because your post is useless.

By the way, I own 5 5-wire O2 sensors. 4 used and one brand new Bosch. One I paid $50 for, another came in a ECU/O2 sensors package for $150, one installed in each Vx that I owned. And the brand new Bosch sensor was just sitting in the spare wheel well of my '92 when I bought it.

Of course not, because the answers are obvious easy to find by cross referencing part numbers from a cali vx model to a federal vx model. So simple. The best part about making yourself look really useless is that you asked a question in a thread that tells you "HOW" to convert a cali vx to a federal vx. If it were that easy than it would be best to get the federal vx engine harness and be done with. PROBLEM SOLVED RIGHT? Damn so freakin easy to search.
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