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Originally Posted by TheSGC View Post
I have about 700 lbs in the trunk, including batteries, battery box and charger. Yeah, the Skunk2's are lowering coils, but I've put them to their highest setting which worked great until the batteries were in the trunk. I'm figure each of the rear wheels is holding ~950 lbs and I am sagging about 2 inches due to the 450lb/in spring weight. I'm thinking 1000 lbs/in might be better, then it should only sag an inch or so.

I am going to give GC a call.
Remember, it's not just lbs, it's "lbs per inch". If the 450lb/in spring is compressed 3", then it is holding a load of 1350lbs. Switch to 1000lb/in with the same length and your spring will only be compressed 1.35".

Note, I said spring, and wasn't referring to ride height. Your suspension acts as a lever to increase the load at the spring, I'd guess by about 50% on the rear (I'd have to measure to determine exactly). So, 950lbs at the wheel is probably ~1400lbs at the spring.

Increasing your spring rate means your suspension will be underdamped as well, unless you replace the shock too. Going to a taller spring with a similar spring rate may be a better option if you can.
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