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Did you get that thing?
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As far as I can tell you only need to interrupt pin 12 red/white. Vibe/Matrix DRL-Auto Light On Off Switch Installation I'm not sure if thats the one you were using, but I believe the matrix/vibe should be the same as the corolla. I would try to disconnect the battery, cut the red/white on pin 12 and then reconnect the battery and turn the ign on and see if they go off.

Edit: I believe that this method will disable both auto and drl lights, which you don't want. I saw a thread on a forum of a guy who did the
Kill DRL, cut legs 10 and 11, leave board side of 10 open, connect board end of 11 to ground (external switch or to leg 2), connect outgoing 10 and 11 to each other
mod and had problems with the autolight function. He said that at night when you started the car they came on fine, but if you were driving and it got dark while you were driving, they never came on.

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