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We have a good reason to be concerned about extinctions while other animals do not; no other animal can cause as much permanent damage as humans and maybe our very survival depends on biodiversity. Viruses, like Sars and Avian Flu, develop in areas of low biodiversity because it's easier to infect entire classes of animals - like birds - when there are only a few species to worry about. I can sit here and explain reasons why we need to care all day but it won't move anyone. Just realize, biodiversity is necessary for our survival too.

And the polar bears are a funny case, one that may have less to do with humans than 97% of the rest. There has been modeling done about the movement of the magnetic poles and it is quite drastic in the past 14 years. They use the poles to get around it seems and are no walking the wrong way and into areas that haven't been safe for a long time but they have known to avoid. The theory is we're overdue for a pole shift, where the magnetic north and south flip. This could finish what we started when it comes to the polar bears. It doesn't happen often on earth but on the sun it happens up to every 6 years and is a rather frequent event on the cosmic level.

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