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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Poor man's Ridgeline - I love it!
That's the Fiat Strada, a coupé-utility version of the Fiat Palio. There are also regular-cab and an extended-cab options available, and some folks used to adapt supplementary rear seats on the extended-cab. Too bad nowadays they became more expensive than a comparatively-equipped Fiat Palio Weekend (the station-wagon version) or a Fiat Siena (the sedan version of the Palio). I also like it, but the higher cost would only justify if I could legally get it Diesel-powered here (that's an export-only option)... With the 1.3L Multijet turbodiesel it can be even more fuel-saver than a Prius (and doesn't fall into the negative stereotypes related to Prius owners).
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