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The '98 work van runs it pretty well, but doesn't start up as quickly and the TCC shutters lock/unlock under certain load situations. Typically if it starts doing this, I'll either just push the pedal further to unlock it completely, or let the vehicle slow down [usually happens on light grades where it would normally stay locked around 50MPH or so].

There's also some pinging under heavy accel and heavy load [climbing hills] at any RPM, but it's not so pronounced that I"m actually worried about it.

My LQ9 powered Chevy on the other hand, only suffers from cold start problems and the constant need to replace fuel filters. Other than that, it runs beautifully on the 'bad' fuel from the bulk tank, no pinging or detectable loss of power over running pump gas. Of course, I rarely if ever use the engine to it's full potential of 325hp and 400tq, so any loss there wouldn't be detectable anyway. It's a 7200lb truck that's used only when it's carrying weight, and it still does just dandy at that.
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