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Originally Posted by someone
One question, what voltage/current is the EV1 controller rated at?

it's a 24-48 volt card. i'm not sure the max amp spec, but it's likely to be very high given its original intended use (forklift) and low voltage.

so far the only reference i've seen to current in the EV-1 manual is regarding the field weakening circuit: it drops OUT of field weakening when the current is detected at higher than 385 amps in order to provide full torque when needed.

I'm currently converting my Triumph GT6+ to electric, starting on the cheap(~$2,000, 65 mph top speed, 50 miles range), but will eventually upgrade to make it a high performance car(~$12,000, 140 mph top speed, 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, 100 miles range).
coincidentally, i just read some of your posts in the EVDL yesterday (and recall seeing your messages on maxMPG re your GT6 aerodynamics). sounds like a great car. and way sexier than the forkenswift!

and of course "cheap" is relative... we're looking to spend no more than $1500 total, including vehicle(s).

but our goals are *significantly* lower than yours: 48V system, 40 mph top speed, 15 mile range will suffice (live in a small town). essentially a once-a-day commuter / grocery getter. given that our average speed in use will probably be 20 mph, i haven't burned too many synapses thinking about aero mods.

as luck would have it, yesterday i also got a personal e-mail from an experienced EV builder who is using the exact same EV-1 controller we have scavenged (though he's added a card to his to permit higher voltage). he says we can meet our limited goals using the parts we have from the forklift. woo-hoo!

he predicted a max RPM of the traction motor of about 1500, and wanted to make sure i understood (a) the implications for gearing - and transmission wear, and (b) it wasn't really a suitable motor for "upgrading" if we later want more voltage and higher speeds.

i don't think he was aware at the time that we also have a field weakening circuit in our junk, but even so, i'm ok with 40 mph tops.[/quote]
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