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Exceptions to generalizations (gender roles) aren't to the point. If one does not understand the larger context of how and where car ownership is (or can be) income-producing or income-offsetting then the protestations are moot.

A family that cooks, bottles, cans and preserves its own food saves more over time than one that buys pre-packaged foodstuff. And if they can earn a little on the side from cooking goods for sale, so much the better.

Yes, not to mention concerns over health. We agree here, throughout, I believe.

A person who doesn't own a car or need one... who uses the barest minimum transportation possible... like public transport, a bicycle or a motorcycle, doesn't have to spend on a garage. It's only people who need to travel a huge number of miles a day (say... home service providers, contractors, taxi drivers) who will see a big benefit from car ownership.

An apartment dweller needs next to nothing, per se, in comparison to a home owner when it comes to personal transportation. A single-family dwelling takes time, energy and money not needed by other types.

Eating, however, everyone needs to do.

I'd say that repairs and maintenance are nearly as important. One can "farm out" cooking, so, inversely, why do we farm out repairs/maintenance, much of which can be learned? When the prototypical response is about tech qualifications per machinery, I'd counter with same as to butchering, etc. I'd say that heated/cooled work space (as with a kitchen) needs to be extended to vehicles and other househould maintenance. Whether one envisions a greatly expanded laundry room for this function, or a huge garage, thusly, the principle remains in relation to an overdone kitchen where the microwave and fridge are the true centerpieces in homes today.


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