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Voltage fluctuation problem !


Newbie in the fabulous world of eccomoder, and MPGuino, I would like to ask some help.

Last Week I bought a MPGuino for my 1998' Fiat Punto 55s 1.1L SPI. I install it. But there is a problem: On each display , speed, L/KM , Volt , there is a significant variation in the values displayed (~+10% - 10% every ~5s) . Then I try to only read the Voltage (engine and ignition Off) and there is still a lot of fluctuation.

The second problem is that the L/H is only shown in idle. If I accelerate very slowly , the value increases normally (but with the same fluctuations) , but at midrange , it reboot . If I accelerated faster (usually done while driving ) , the screen freezes , and I need to unplug and plug again to reactivate

I have some video on youtube to explain that, but, as a newbie, i'm not able to show it to you !!!

Sorry for my bad english writing ! and thank you...

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