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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post

With 2000 views I thought "this guy must be modding the snot outta that thing"! It's a legit question.
There is a difference in just slapping up images and posts then actually describing (in detail) each repair/mod with informative posts. Maybe that's why there are so many views on this thread or maybe it's just my sweet hairdo. Not only that, I am a member on like 20 other forums (automotive and gaming related) and I am one to post good posts and not spam. I have the same exact signature on these other forums as I do here, so when someone is finished reading my informative posts, they tend to click the link in my signature which brings them right here to ecomodder!

This is subliminal advertising. I have done this for years promoting my old gaming site (PlanetETF - Fast Free Fortress) and it generated 1000 hits per month with this method alone! Everyone who checks out my signature ends up right here on this thread or in my EM Garage instead of selfishly promoting my own site or some other needless crap. is my newest home and I enjoy this place, so in turn, I am promoting this site this same way and generating more traffic to ecomodder than you think. Any Admin here would be able to see where traffic is coming from if they know what they are doing and not all of it is from search engines or news posts.

This thread will continue to be updated as I go along tweaking this car for fuel economy.

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