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Originally Posted by RobertISaar View Post
i don't know what kind of ESR the "Stinger" would have, but let's assume it is something quite usable.... 1,666 watt-seconds could almost entirely replace a battery. if it were all drawn within 1 second, that is almost 120 amps, which is enough to run a starter motor on nearly anything that isn't a semi or larger.
I checked out ebay and there are several choices which range from 2 farad, 10 farad,
20farad, 30farad and 50 farad. The price issue makes the 66 dollar 20 farad look promising canadidate componet.....
New Hybrid Planet Audio PC20F 20 Farad Digital Power Car Auido Capacitor | eBay

Does anyone know how these are wired to the vehicle
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