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Great thread Johnny! I just bought a '96, and have been commuting 140 miles/day roundtrip. Like yourself, it's been my daily mule and I have been fixing stuff as I drive it. The thing is, I've done all the maintainence and tune up items, along with new tires with 42psi, Redline synth 5w30. I changed my driving style slowing down to 65mph and easy acceleration away from stops lights and signs, coasting with engine off when practicle... but still only 43-45mpg. I checked out my trans, and it has a 4.39 crown wheel (not-so-good for mpg). I scavenged and XFi cam and head, going to have a buddy rebuild it for me.

Couple of questions...

What ratio trans did you remove, and what do you have now?
Does you new-found fuel mileage include any big speedo/odo calibration errors?
How fast do you typically drive?
I read the entire thread, did you change the cam (to and XFi-type)?

thanks in advance ---Tom
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