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Is your Metro a 5 speed with the 1.0L 3 cylinder? You should be able to get 50MPG with that car by now. How does it run? Have you performed a compression test on all the cylinders to see if the engine is in need of internal repairs?

What ratio trans did you remove, and what do you have now?
The 95+ 3 cyl 3-door hatchbacks got the 4.39 and I replaced mine with the same trans from a 1999 with 89,000 miles on it from a local junkyard. It was actually the only place in my area that had one available.
Does you new-found fuel mileage include any big speedo/odo calibration errors?
Not possible. Same trans and no noticed errors after initial drive.
How fast do you typically drive?
This is where I get my fuel mileage. My route is a 55MPH country road for 80% of my trip. I usually drive anywhere from 50-55 on this road and keep a steady throttle the whole way. No Interstate travel.
I read the entire thread, did you change the cam (to and XFi-type)
I did not change the cam, but experimented with drilling holes in a spare cam gear to do timing advance (not the same as ignition advance) and found that I screwed the drilling up and was way off on my reading.

I took my spare cam and tried to estimate 6-8 degrees advance using a protractor and drilling a hole 186 degrees and putting the cam on backwards, but CoyoteX mentioned on another thread that 8 degrees would be a half tooth and when re-measuring my previous hole, I was like 2 teeth to far. I drilled and slotted another hole just past the original line-up hole, but never tried it out since I am actually afraid that something may go wrong and I cannot afford to have the car go down.

I plan on doing more aero modifications before doing anymore engine tweaks. So far in the works I have planned.............

Grill Block
Underbelly pan
Fender skirts
__________________ - got mpg?
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