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Originally Posted by pgfpro View Post
For me it's available power on demand. When I use my Talon for work there are times i will have around 500 lbs worth of cargo. The extra power and torque (equivalent of a 6.0L) the turbo provides helps me getting on on ramps and going up mountain pass's. Then when I'm at a light engine load running on flat ground it acts like a 2.0L without the reciprocating internal mass and weight of a 6.0L.

At the track it's equivalent is around a 9L without all the torque a 9L makes, so I can run a much smaller with less internal mass transmission and drive-train. Because my engine uses HP at this point to make it fast, not the torque damaging drive-train eater a 9.0L does.
PGF, I really appreciate your posts and level of intensity with your vehicle. Every community has it's own people who bring in a unique contribution, and the programming w/ ECUs and development you do is appreciated.

I liked the response (normally I "Thank" when I have nothing of value to post, but want to say I like it), but it may confuse people if they don't know how to calculate force and what torque really is.

Marine Engine Torque Vs. Horsepower | Performance Product Technologies Is a decent article, I can't find my favorite (the one that finally taught me how it works).

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