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Hi, Dave,

Can it be done: maybe. You're pushing the envelope pretty hard with the 65mph stipulation. Making it harder yet, you specify both no drafting and a long stretch of Interstate. That's hard to hypermile. You can do high speed P&G, but you'd need to add some gauges inside to keep a good eye on engine loading.

Just a few small aeromods will take an Insight deep into the 57 @ 65 range, I'm pretty sure. Not that an Insight isn't already pretty well idealized in the aero department, so most of the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked and served up.

+1 on the diesel recommendations. I'm reminded of the old VW Caddy pickup, and I specifically remember Popular Science printing the little pickup's fuel economy: 57mpg at 45 mph. A simple bellypan and a nice aerocap would probably make 57 @ 65 a completely achievable goal. Of course, you'd have to accept a 0-60 time best measured with a calendar, but them's the breaks.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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