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Hey Johnny. I just wanted to thank you for this post. Pictures are good. I just bought a metro a couple of days ago and dropped it off at the mechanic for a state inspection. Since then I have discovered that I'm an idiot.
Looking at Metromopgs list of what to avoid when buying a metro:
Bad synchro's. (well I did have some trouble shifting to third and second..oh crap)
Uneven compression (not measured but I do recall hearing a loud tapping from the middle of the cylinder head.
Rust (actually, this may be my only saving grace. Southern car, might be good) I'll be afraid to look when I pick it up.
Anyway, I'm apparently screwed and also broke due to gas so I am going to have to try to fix it up myself. Barring rust: can't weld. Bad rust changes the game.
So thanks. I'll have a laptop open to this thread next to me as I work.
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