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Originally Posted by mhmitszach View Post
Wow. Having the fold at the back makes it much easier then trying to make the whole thing curved. Def going to give wheel skirts a chance again.
Just not really feeling screwing into body, so I'm going to have to try some other ideas.
Friend suggested .... using that mesh fiberglass that hardens when you put whatever on it. Sorry, forgot exact names. But having that go on inside lip of wheel well and around to coroplast.
Believe me, I would never have done this to my mustang, but I bought this car for fuel economy experimentation only, so I'm not worried about damaging it.
I think you're referring to fiberglass and hardener, or bondo, to do your wheel. I might try to make a fiberglass shell based off the skirts (using them as a mold or form) later, depending on how long the coroplast and duct tape last.
I also noticed yesterday that I can take the wheels off without removing the skirts - should just have to remove the bottom two screws and lift the car up by the body, and the wheel and tire should come free. Loosening the lug nuts without having the tire on the ground will be the real trick.

Did I hear Coroplast Cammback? Oh yes, but I don't think I'm going to make it today. I need to figure out how it will work at the top of the hatch (my hatch top slides below the roof level when it's lifted - I need to look at Andrew's civic design again and see if he had the same issue.)
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