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Originally Posted by pgfpro View Post
On my first lean burn Talon I'm sure I could of ran with a much smaller radiator maybe even without when racing it at the the drags. I would see coolant temperature drop from 200*F to 160*F at the end of a low 11 second pass on E85. But in traffic on a 95+ Summer day I would need a radiator. I'm wondering if RTU is saying in "race form only" you don't need a radiator or maybe just a small one at that?
That actually is interesting that you could do that. RTU definitely needs to clarify their claim. I don't necessarily buy that their cooled-off intake manifold idea actually improves fuel economy.

Originally Posted by pgfpro View Post
The other thing about ethanol you can run very lean and not lose as much power compared to gasoline.
This is why I have such mixed feelings about ethanol. But that's going to veer off into verboten territory...
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