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Originally Posted by peak_me View Post
The twizy has a lot of issues and has to go.
Sorry to hear that.

I read about the Honda Innova and Honda Wave and got really excited. Less than 2 L/100 km petrol, 2000 € new buying price, low insurance costs.
You might consider the SH (Mode) 125 or CBF125 as well.

The benefit of the CBF is that it's a manual shift bike rather than an automatic scooter.
You could change the gearing if you want to.

Another bike that's been pretty solid from what I've heard is the Suzuki TU250 Volty - also came in 125cc versions - it's been around a while, so you should be able to pick one up cheap on the 2nd hand market.

My girlfriend and i travel a lot and i dont know if that is possible with such a vehicle.
Way back in time, people used small-displacement motorcycles the way we use heavy motorcycles now.
A 350 cc once was a big engine ... a long time ago.

But 2-up + luggage, is going to put some strain on the bike.
Then again, if you see what they do with them in south east Asia, they can take a lot of abuse.

A VW Up! Ecofuel or Mii CNG/Citigo CNG would be great but with 10.000 € its too expensive.
They're cheap on fuel though.
The Seat is the cheapest to buy.

If I had to pay for all the fuel - I've gotten a 500 euro Gutschein from a CNG supplier when I bought the up! and you can get even better bonuses in Germany - I'd be paying around 3,2 euro/100km.

If you get 2L from the Honda, you'll pay about as much for fuel as petrol is far more expensive.

If you took the same roads you'd be realistically limited to with a 110/125cc bike 2 passengers + luggage, you'd be on the roads the up/mii/citigo likes best: Landesstraßen.

165 or 175 14" tyres are dead cheap too - a lot cheaper in the long run than bike tyres.

The benefits of a car would be that we could sleep in it, would be safe from rain etc and could travel more comfortable.
The VAG trio is quite spacious for what it is.
This little puppy still surprises me.
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