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But 2-up + luggage, is going to put some strain on the bike.
That's true but they are dead cheap. I am thinking about buying two, that would give more space for luggage.

If you get 2L from the Honda, you'll pay about as much for fuel as petrol is far more expensive.
true! But the loss in value per km is less with the motorcycle. And the insurance is ridiculously higher with a car. I would insure a used old car only with basic liability and that would cost me around 1000 per year. The rates for a new car are lower, but it had to be insured fully insured with a comprehensive cover. So insurance for a car would cost me per year as much as a used bike.

What i am looking for is a twizy-like car with a combustion engine. I could buy an isetta but it doesnt have an up to date fuel-consumption.
Arent there any Velomobiles with a little petrol engine? I am sure you could get a consumption of less than 1 L/100 km with that.

The CUB-bikes are very tempting. Just put 2000 on the table and off you go. But you cant sleep in it
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