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Originally Posted by fbov View Post
Interesting thread... but this isnt' about electricity, it's about courtesy; after reading the police's side of the story, I hope they throw the book at him!
We received a 911 call advising that someone was plugged into the power outlet behind the middle school. ...The officer's initial incident report gives a good indication of how difficult and argumentative the individual was to deal with. ...Given the uncooperative attitude and accusations of damage to his vehicle, the officer chose to document the incident on an incident report. ...the school resource officer ...recognized Mr. Kamooneh. ... (who) had previously been advised he was not allowed on the school tennis courts without permission from the school . This was apparently due to his interfering with the use of the tennis courts previously during school hours.
... but the decision (to pursue theft charges) was based on Mr. Kamooneh having been advised that he was not allowed on the property without permission. Had he complied with that notice none of this would have occurred. Mr. Kamooneh's son is not a student at the middle school and he was not the one playing tennis. Mr. Kamooneh was taking lessons himself.
I guess we now need to lock up everyone charging their phones in airports and stealing 2 cents of electricity each.
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