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"Standing around telling lies," dude, I think I'd probably enjoy hanging in the garage with you. If you can't swap BS stories while wrenching, well, the wrenching just isn't as much fun.

With the prismatic Lithium-Ion cells coming out now, I think you have the possibility of building a K-G with some useful range. Maybe not Tesla territory but certainly more than used to be possible in that little chassis. But with only two miles to go on your commute, you could get a few days' trips out of almost any kind of battery arrangement and still have a pleasantly light chassis to drive.

+1 on the biking distance, but it's frikkin Texas. I like to ride too, but when it's as hot and humid as Houston in June, forget it. I'd be wringing sweat before I got out of the driveway.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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