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Sorry about the delay. The Space Co bearing company in Japan tested COFof DiamondLube and rated it at .0008 - Teflon is .04 so...

By treating everything that moves on a semi, what else could happen?

Someone mentioned that testing should be easy, but it gets tricky when the tester wants to keep the results secret because it gives them the edge. Like treating the Chicago Wolves Hockey teams skates. One treatment eliminated Ice Steel contact and the results were instantaneous - no blade sharpening required, faster skating and longer glide times. How long will the skates go without sharpening, they want to keep it secret and wont call me back. Got video of their sewing machine before and after too, same thing - faster as usual. Check out look for ICE SKATE LUBE.

BTW, I don't have a lubricant which seems to confuse people, I have a diamond coating that is self lubricating which is something nobody else has seen before, including ARGONNE that said my material was unknown before I sent them a sample.


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I doubt that getting rid of all of the friction in the whole engine would give 15%, let alone just replacing the lube.
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