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F Truck - '77 Ford F100 2x4, single cab, lwb
90 day: 8.75 mpg (US)

Bombodore - '98 Holden Commodore Exec Wagon
90 day: 21.35 mpg (US)

Civic - '93 Honda Civic GL
90 day: 36.62 mpg (US)
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The motorised bike was great, i commuted on it for about 7 months while i was without a car license and built a nice solid trailer for shopping trips and the like also:

I got my license back a couple of months ago though and got a new job that required carting a big tool box 60+ miles through the hills so the bike was no longer suitable, instead i now have this:

I still use the bike for local trips every now and then, especially now that the weather is a bit more favourable than it was through winter.

The F100 will probably be fixed up a lil more (basic maintenance) and sold as i dont have the time, money or space for 3 cars (il be keeping my wagon as demo/show car for my business

The F100 will be replaced with a towbar and trailer for the Civic, if i need to carry anything bigger than the civic can handle il borrow someone elses car/truck

going from 6.78mpg (worst tank) to 10.6mpg was a great success with the little money i put into the truck and i learnt plenty about ecomodding along the way, putting my knowledge into the Civic should provide some decent numbers

Thanks all for the advice and helpful tips!
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