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Old 12-22-2012, 11:08 AM   #151 (permalink)
Burn lean and prosper\\//
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VLX - '93 Honda Civic VLX
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I'm surprised nobody has suggested the trusty straight 6.( if they are available in aus) most of them came with 5 speeds. I'd grab a cheap donor truck and start swapping. Not only would it be a much more efficient engine but it would drop some weight and still have enough torque to tow or haul.

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Originally Posted by slownugly View Post
I'm surprised nobody has suggested the trusty straight 6.
The straight 6 was one of the most reliable motors ford ever produced, and gave decent mileage. That coupled with your mods, I see no reason you couldn't break 22 mpg.
Great work BTW
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Old 12-27-2012, 10:00 PM   #153 (permalink)
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My son and I presently run a 250ci inline six in a 67 mustang .Lead foot (my son) only gets 15-7 mpg I do much better 19-22 . the good thing is that the 250 i6 ford will bolt up to the same bell housing as the 289-302 V8s and ? it also weighs 150 lbs less
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Old 10-21-2013, 11:24 AM   #154 (permalink)
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F Truck - '77 Ford F100 2x4, single cab, lwb
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Bombodore - '98 Holden Commodore Exec Wagon
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Hi guys,

Got my license back last Friday but the F Truck wont be back on the roads for some time, ive gone back to my trusty wagon for daily duties after a couple of years off the road so the F Truck will remain parked for a while still, high on the list is a diesel swap and better gearing but they wont be done till funding allows

Here is the thread for my wagon: http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthrea...ore-27314.html
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Old 12-15-2013, 12:57 AM   #155 (permalink)
live, breath, Isuzu-Ds
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sorry got a little over kill on the info.....

we have a 76 HD F350 delivery truck that we converted from 460 with C6 3sp auto
it did about 3,000rpms at 60 and never got more then 7 mpg ever......
i had one trip of all in town driving and it was in the GAL PER MILE RANGE

to a 300/6 and 5sp
are empty weight of the truck went down a lot doing this swap the frunt end of the truck is now a good inch higher then before. its likly about 500lbs lighter..as that dino auto box and big block are SUPER HEAVY!!!
and top gear is about 2,000 @ 60 drop to 4th when loaded and you still have the power to move a load.

its a work truck so we stayed with the 4.10s seinc its a 14,000 GVW truck and needs them when loaded, but we found a verson of the ZF s5 42 trans with a deep 1st gear thats the small bell housing to fit the I-6 engine. it was sold from about 1987 to 1995 or so.

if i did it over i would find the HD verson of the trans with the external slave versus the internal clutch slave the one the light duty has. other then that there the same trans..

best i know in the usa, 1987 was the first 5sp year there where a few light duty 4sp O\D tranys from around 81 to 86 with real tall 1st gears but other then those there all drect drive 4speeds 86 and older.

in the US there was two versons of the light duty 5sp around 88 to 95 one has a silly tall 1st gear and the other is a granny like your 4sp. the tall geared ones are commen in 1/2 tons and the granny 5speeds are normally only found in light duty 3/4 tons. bolth tranys have a 25% O\D so the choice is how tall of a 1st gear do you want.

what im getting at with all this is, this is a one ton, and is about 7,000lbs empty and can get 11/13 mpg. loaded to the 14K limit, its about 7/8 mpg your ride should be blowing the doors off those numbers...

there is a baby bro to the 300/6 and its a 240/6 for your light 1/2 ton that mite be a good combo...as your loaded weight will likly not exceed my empty number unless your pulling a trailer...that is...

the 300 and 240 are truck engines and are considered big blocks in the word of I-6s in cars there was a 170, 200, and 250 engines..there the small blocks..
1 86 T\D trooper with rare GEN 3 rods TRANS FIXED NOW DD
1 86 4WD 5sp pup is 2.3L gas, but plan on 2.2L diesel repower
1 91 trop, long term plan is a group buy of imported Isuzu 4JB1-T 2.8L I-4 engines, hoping to get price down to 2K not 3K plus
1993 sidekick my MPG toy, epa rating 26.
i get 29/31 with stock drive train.
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Hi Bobo,

I just read this whole thread during my lunch break, then clicked Subscribe.

Any recent news? And how did your bike hold up with the motor? If you gotta get around it can get a surprising amount of work done, esp. if you add a modest trailer and help out on the hills.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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Old 12-17-2013, 12:38 AM   #157 (permalink)
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Location: Adelaide, Australia
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F Truck - '77 Ford F100 2x4, single cab, lwb
90 day: 8.75 mpg (US)

Bombodore - '98 Holden Commodore Exec Wagon
90 day: 21.35 mpg (US)

Civic - '93 Honda Civic GL
90 day: 36.62 mpg (US)
Thanks: 28
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The motorised bike was great, i commuted on it for about 7 months while i was without a car license and built a nice solid trailer for shopping trips and the like also:

I got my license back a couple of months ago though and got a new job that required carting a big tool box 60+ miles through the hills so the bike was no longer suitable, instead i now have this:

I still use the bike for local trips every now and then, especially now that the weather is a bit more favourable than it was through winter.

The F100 will probably be fixed up a lil more (basic maintenance) and sold as i dont have the time, money or space for 3 cars (il be keeping my wagon as demo/show car for my business http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthrea...ney-27314.html)

The F100 will be replaced with a towbar and trailer for the Civic, if i need to carry anything bigger than the civic can handle il borrow someone elses car/truck

going from 6.78mpg (worst tank) to 10.6mpg was a great success with the little money i put into the truck and i learnt plenty about ecomodding along the way, putting my knowledge into the Civic should provide some decent numbers

Thanks all for the advice and helpful tips!

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