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Can you give us a few more details?

Originally Posted by oldbeaver View Post
My experience was this:

Even when I add more fuel to the engine (the HHO), as my engine is not electronicaly controled, when I switched ON the HHO generator the engine diminishes rpm in the same way as with Air Conditioner. The HHO generator was my second versión build, improved, with 11 cells, very efficient, but even though, for me it was clear that the generator was sucking more energy from the engine than the energy it was providing burning the HOH gas.

If the gas had been giving additional energy, the engine would have increased its rpm, as if I was accelerating a Little more, i.e. injecting more fuel.

Besides, the HHO generator had to be fed with wáter.

I worked a lot in the system, but reality showed me it was a fiasco.
Not any theoretical consideration or prejudice. Just doing.


Note: What if we had to generate our gasoline or diesel onboard? My impression is it probably would had a negative energy balance too.
Things such as the engine tested as well as the current draw of the HHO generator as well as it's gas output.

Your test procedure would also be helpful.
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