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Originally Posted by garys_1k View Post
Hmm, I wonder if a post here could be subpoenaed in the case of a criminal or civil trial. Someone admitting driving "unusually" could leave themselves very wide open to much doo-doo.
Good question. I would assume that it could, but I'd assume the fault and risk of suit would be no different from someone who got in an accident as they failed to pay attention to a stopped car or were speeding and didn't have enough distance to stop.

Even though this isn't scientific data, it does suggest something about the type of people on here and the level of safety in eco driving. I agree with akcapeco; sensationalism to feed the news machinery.

I would also note that an inexperienced driver shouldn't try any advanced techniques, such as EOC. I've been driving for 10 years, 150k+ miles, with no accidents, so I feel very comfortable behind the wheel doing this stuff. I also feel comfortable doing lots of crazy stuff with my mustang (low speed, low danger stuff).
When I was 16, however, I would not have been safe. I almost wrecked my car 3 times when I was learning to drive.
1st time: rear wheel drive oversteer in rain (quick learning curve I could have avoided had I tried to stomp on the gas in an empty wet parking lot)
2nd time: speeding, almost didn't have enough time to stop as I came over a crest upon stopped cars
3rd time: rolling resistance - sliding resistance trying to make a turn after brakes locked up because of a chemical slick on the road = you keep going in a straight line until you release the brakes!
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