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Originally Posted by Cheech View Post
Hi all!! I am new to this fourm since I just signed up, but am not new to reading threads and post, never really cared about FE until I got a delivery job using my own car and gas, so since then I have been on a journey to get max mpg so I can profit doing my job instead of losing money.

Have a volvo 240 wagon 5 speed but get like 20 mpg use to spend 30$ driving it 70 miles a day so all my money went to hell and burned. Still have cause she's a beauty
Then I got a 82 honda civic 5 speed got 33 mpg with ugly running engine but then crashed it so good bye.

Now I picked up 4 days ago( what's suppose to be a king at mpg) 87 honda crx FE, bone stock but with 295k miles, for 1300$
Supposed to have new rebuilt head, new breaks, oil, and new carburetor, clutch
But these guys where backyard mechanics. I have been averaging 30 mpg mixed driving doing my delivers 177 miles for 6 gallons of gas, I don't know why I'm getting 30mpg with good driving habits, when other HF running in crap condition are getting minimum 40 mpg, feel like I, getting robbed hard core. And it's pissing me off. Also it idles at 2000rpms which makes me think it's running rich

Anyways my thinking is these backyard mechanic who previously owned the car took well care of the car, interior is very clean for this car, high milage, runs smooth, but I think he didn't know anything about carburetors, just slapped on a new one and bam back down to 30mpg, so I think this isn't tuned right or jetted right, but could that be the case? My tires are properly inflated and everything

I. Just wonder how can this. HF get horrible milage, this milage is what I got on my volvo 850 turbo 330hp, I'm just trying to figure what what can I check to get to at least 40mpg, if not it's going back on craigslist!!

Thanks you all!!
What a disappointment. Can you go back to them? Do you have the factory shop manual? The Honda service manuals have good troubleshooting materials. I'll bet you can find it freeonline with a determined search. Have you checked all the basic routine maintainence stuff (such as airfilter)? Seems like you probably have. Also, you can check and compare parts online fairly well, for insrance, using a site such as majestic honda: Honda Automotive Parts
See my car's mod & maintenance thread and my electric bicycle's thread for ongoing projects. I will rebuild Black and Green over decades as parts die, until it becomes a different car of roughly the same shape and color. My minimum fuel economy goal is 55 mpg while averaging posted speed limits. I generally top 60 mpg. See also my Honda manual transmission specs thread.

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