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One owner posted a 30+mpg listing for his 240 wagon on here, but he never posted anything else. There's lots of room for stealthy aero mods on a 240 - the underside is just crying for a belly pan.

If my 240 hadn't been munched in a rearender early 2013, that would have been the first place I would have started with my aeromods. There are yawning canyons underneath those old moosebusters, and I want another one, bad.

Your HF only getting 30 is just bonkers. Put that thing on stands and check for dragging brakes, esp. in the rear. If they said they put on new brakes they may have failed to dial the shoe pistons back in or something.

Front alignment might be wonky. With the modest output of that little mill, you can give up a lot of power just to overpowering pigeon toed fronts.

And of course the engine. This will require some old school sleuthing, since there's no EFI computer to throw you codes and point toward likely problems. I don't have much advice for you there except to buy some jets and find a friendly emissions tester who will let you come back and dial in your mix.

Also be sure the exhaust isn't bollixed.

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