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Yeah, wassup drrbc?? I been reading your stuff the last few days and yer the only person I've known yet that seems to have a handle on the physics of combustion with your talk of hydrogen diffusivity and flame velocities. It is the only thing that keeps me from just shreading the daylights out of people who claim HHO works cause I myself don't understand the variables of combustion and why or why not the minuscule amounts of hydrogen added work of not......I firmly believe the extra energy required to produce the HHO cannot be made up by a great gain in combustion efficiency. And if we look at it in terms of atoms in and atoms out, (Not molecules...atoms) we're really just dealing with gross quantities of N, O, H & C, then the simple laws of perpetual motion make HHO beyond preposterous in it's claim. As in, we can't pick ourselves up by our own shoelaces and fly around the room, we can't put a generator on the wheels to make electricity to power a motor to make us go, etc. We can't generate hydrogen from water, using electricity from the engines alternator, then burn the hydrogen in the engine to make power to generate hydrogen to burn in the engine to make power to generate hydrogen.

So, if you have solid claims that say the "Catalytic" effect of the trace hydrogen added by HHO schemes will create significant amounts of efficiency such that it makes up for the energy spent to generate the gas to begin with and then some, I'd love to hear it. Or if you have claims that show there's no frickin way the tiny amounts of H can make it that much better, I'd love to hear that too.
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