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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
There is no war against HHO, just a whole lot of sloppyness and bullcrap under the guise of profit. Do you even science? Or do you just tell others to? There are millions of hucksters claiming from %15-%300 mpg increase with these things, your "war" is with them.
Y'know, I've learned some of the brightest people have the most tender of egos. That or maybe they have no tolerance for the vulgar (which I supposed they see simply as a hindrance). Either way, if you're not careful you miss a big opportunity.

But a profit motive shouldn't be the origin of decency, and I hope that which would make us Gentlemen isn't limited to acts of congress. Respect, good manners, and cooperation can help "grease the wheels" in the processes of learning and discovery.

I realize "there is no war against HHO". But there is a pervasive belief that those who would show interest in this area are crazies. The discussions are almost always destroyed by those that use this prejudice to build up their own egos, and I, for one, am tired of seeing that happen. I'm hoping ecomodder is a place where I find others that think similarly.

Now, to answer you questions: I guess I do, but I don't really know. Every day, no matter how hard I try, the world seems to grow on without me and I seem to get more and more lost. Look for me, I'm the one using an oil lantern while everyone else is using the flashlight on their iPhone.

Does that answer your question?
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