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Originally Posted by ChazInMT View Post
P-hack...having read through everything, ...
Much Respect. Charlie

That was very thoughtful, thank you.

But I'm afraid with your friend's reply (which I'm assuming he directs at me), he again has shown himself for who he is. And I'm very sorry about that, it's been my experience that when folks do that they have a very hard time recovering their reputation.

Regarding my writing style, I don't know what to do. I was taught to be specific and follow an orderly and logical progression. And I don't feel I know that much (especially compared to my working peers and colleagues), but I will admit to at least being very well trained.

Maybe I should tell you something about myself, just to settle p-hack's prior question.

p-hack- Yes, I "do" science. My undergrad was in Biochem. My doctorate in a closely related field. I taught in my field for almost a decade at a major university in the south and I'm now an independent consultant/contractor. I'd tell you more but I'd like to protect my anonymity from your instability, so to say. Good luck pal.

Charlie, thanks again.
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