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Even this planet Earth itself is a flywheel. Inspite of the fact that it absorbs tons of cosmic debris, it still spins a year without any significant change in spin rate. HHO is conceptually sound, with the exception of the newer claim of defying the laws of thermodynamics.
HHO does not add enough energy to the system to overcome the cost of production onboard the vehicle itself.
If you could generate hydrogen with a solar energy source, THEN you could improve overall economy, but the same time and money spent on solar systems would be better if it heated or supplemented household energy requirements.
Is there a benefit for the extra (although pitiful) amount of energy, contained in the hydrogen, or in the oxygen concentration in the mixture?
Absolutely there is a benefit, but the cost of generation, and the inefficiency of such generation will always outweigh any benefit, in economy.

Can't we find better things to discuss, even to argue about, than this perpetually running scam that wastes time and bandwidth on this forum. If not then I guess we wouldbebetter off discussing the perpetualmotor, driven by magnetism. Free energy with no fuel, there is still a part of my mind (mostly repressed) That thinks that might be possible. Remember the Earth itself is a generator. Is it possible that we can harness that energy source for free mechanical effort?

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